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G2G believes in making a difference. No matter how small or big it is, we shall continue to pursue innovative ideas that can change the world and do wonders for the gaming community. At G2G, our mission is to continuously evolve in the gaming community and provide a reliable platform where gamers don’t only game harder, but can now experience and enjoy gaming for a living.

G2G Solution Suite provides a comprehensive online marketplace for everyone to buy and sell anything gaming related. We offer a revolutionized online transactions platform that is fully governed and secured by GamerProtect; where both sellers and buyers can enjoy an absolute peace of mind.

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Our team members are formed by a group of experienced gamers working in this industry for more than a decade. We understand the demands and needs of fellow gamers in the gaming community and established this platform based on our fundamental beliefs; a platform that ensures prompt deliveries, reliable customer supports and hassle-free experiences while safeguarding the interests of buyers and sellers. Most importantly, we want all gamers in the world to have a central platform where great benefits are realized.

  • Prompt Deliveries
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Hassle-Free Experiences
  • Secure Transactions

We’re one of the pioneers in online gaming e-commerce platform.


More than 200 payment methods available in 16 different currencies.


Anything gaming related is widely accepted here.


Anything gaming related is widely accepted here.

OffGamers Sdn. Bhd.

OffGamers is at the forefront of providing quality service at an affordable rate for gamers from all walks of life and across the whole spectrum of game platforms. They adopt leading technologies of world class standards while pioneering new concepts and products. OffGamers also facilitates the gaming industry by innovating effective game card top up systems and enhancing user’s experience.

Dynamic Podium Sdn. Bhd.

Dynamic Podium Sdn Bhd is a MSC status company providing online solutions for the online game industry, by carrying out research, development and commercialization of the e-Loglx web-based enterprise platform for electronic content delivery services. Dynamic Podium Sdn Bhd also provides of technical support and maintenance services related to e-Loglx.

I have a belief, a belief that everyone can earn a living while enjoying themselves. I have done it, so can you! Gaming for a Living

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